special reports for residential providers

The latest demographic and demand reports specifically designed for aged care.

If you are looking to acquire, extend or build an aged care home you need solid facts and data to inform your decision. If you are planning your next ACAR application you need strong data to support your bid. Ideal has collated and analysed information on every SA3 in the country.

Yes there are some other reports around but none that are tailored specifically to aged care usage. Make sure you analyse relevant data rather than age groups that are not yet users of your services.

Ideal Analytics presents a detailed report of the key demographic and socio-economic characteristics characteristics of the relevant older population in the area, the projected growth for services, the supply of residential aged care places, and considers the need for residential aged care places in the current market conditions and in a deregulated environment.

This is the ideal a reference document for planning the location and service characteristics, developing a business case, developing an ACAR application and understanding the broader financial imperatives of a development site.

Reports can be ordered by location and include the SA3 relevant to that location.
Where applicable, the data compares the characteristics of the SA3 to the state and rest of the country. The reports include planning and usage pattern forecasts, ACAR allocations, the ageing demographic profile and population projections, people speaking English at home, home ownership and income data for the elder population.

Ideal Analytics is $4972.00 inclusive of GST. To order click 000000 2018 analytics order form

Reports are typically provided within two business days following payment.

If you are seeking a custom reporting suite please contact us to discuss your needs.