accommodation pricing review

Three years on from first publishing accommodation charges and astonishingly many providers have not reviewed their pricing 

RAD pricing should be reviewed regularly.

In other instances we have also observed providers wildly fluctuate RAD pricing in order to determine their market position. This causes a level of distrust for consumers so it is important to get it right.

The introduction of Additional Services has proven complex – Additional Services, when well articulated and in line with what consumers want, can definitely work in some areas but not others.

Ideal can independently pin point your market and opportunities to maximise revenue through competitive pricing.

Don’t just listen to us; here is what one of our clients has to say about our work:

“… detailed assessments have helped us better understand our market position (ranking) in each of our catchment areas, who our best competitors are, recommended room pricing levels, where we need to upgrade our accommodation offering in comparison to our main competitors and the potential room price up upside of an accommodation upgrade. … able to refine their assessments to the client’s specific needs. I highly recommend Ideal to aged care operators seeking insight into their standing in their markets and where they can improve.” James Hayman, Director, Allity Aged Care

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